Powerfully promote your business by spotlighting your happiest clients

Like a supercharged 5-star Google review, a video testimonial is an engaging, authentic way of convincing new clients that you’re well worth their time.

While a written testimonial is useful, a professionally produced and edited video testimonial or case study is an incredible convincing piece of content for your business.

Build trust in your audience, shout about your services in an authentic way, and encourage potential clients to imagine how you might help them. Create relatable content that centres the client’s experience and satisfaction.

Case study videos to promote your business

Testimonial and case study videos are essentially interviews with your star clients. The VideoHQ team are experienced and sensitive to the needs of your clients – especially if they’re not comfortable in front of a camera.

Using your brief as a guiding light, we shoot testimonial videos where your satisfied client is able to share their authentic experience and nail your key messaging. Need them to emphasise a particular part of your service? We work with your client to ensure we’re capturing the right sentiment but in their own words.

Interested in filming a testimonial or case study video?

Video case study examples

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Fundraising case study videos for Stoke-on-Trent charity2023-05-02T15:09:08+00:00
Recruitment agency case study videos2023-01-23T17:26:45+00:00

Tips for filming a business testimonial video

In order to create an incredible final cut for your testimonial/case study video, the VideoHQ service may include:

  • An interview with the client or service-user in a space that’s convenient for them (potentially your place of business if appropriate)
  • General shots of your premises, service or team in action
  • Statistics or facts that promote your business
  • Graphics, including your brand logo to “bookend” your video for a polished, professional look

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The VideoHQ promotional video service is a creative and collaborative experience, and we’re always responsive to your ideas and project priorities.

Let’s chat about how video case studies could be great for your business

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Don’t just take it from us – we interviewed Eric for a case study video

“Working with Hannah was a real pleasure.

From the pre-interview chat through to the final video, she isn’t just creating a product, but also delivering a great experience which really puts you at ease.

There is no unnecessary disruption, no script to learn and she made the whole filming experience feel conversational and natural.”

Eric Gresswell, Popcorn Learning Media.

Whether you’ve got a brief in mind or the beginnings of a good idea, get in touch to discuss your project.