Promote your school to a wider pool of prospective parents and students

Grow your student numbers with school promotional and social media videos.

Whether you’re a state or an independent school, increasing your pupil numbers is often the key to a bigger budget.

And with a larger budget, you’ve got better opportunities to continue to improve your school and give your students an incredible experience.

Many parents are no longer just looking for the most local option. They’re looking for option the which will give their child the best start in life, and offer amazing opportunities; a promotional video will show them that you can provide that.

Pupil at Grange Primary School in Shrewsbury doing archery during a PE lesson

Videos for primary schools

With some primary schools having an Early Years offering and taking in children as young as two, there’s often a huge age range to cover with a primary school promotional video.

While parents will initially be interested in how nurturing your nursery and reception classes are, they’ll be keen to see the curriculum pathway through to Year 6, and how you enrich their children over the years.

You’re looking after their children through a key developmental part of their life, so parents need to know that your values match up to what they want their child to achieve.

With a primary school promotional video you’re not just telling them about everything you do, you’re showing them it in action.

Videos for secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges

While with primary schools you’re trying to appeal to parents of little ones, when you get to secondary school age and above, the student’s decision making comes into play as well.

If you can make a promotional video which gets them engaged and excited about their future education, you’re often halfway there to getting the parents and guardians on board as well.

You don’t want to produce a video where it’s just your staff talking about why your school is great – you need to be getting your students involved too. Hearing from their peers will make the video far more relatable and engaging to them.

It’s also a fantastic idea to feature your success story former students as well.

Photo of the sign at St Edward's School in Leek

Videos for Academy Trusts

At VideoHQ, we’ve been very excited to partner with the marketing departments of large Multi-Academy Trusts.

Whilst each school has their individual identity, there’s often broader strands of values (and cohesive branding!) which needs to be made consistent across all of your content.

Whether you want to work closely alongside us in producing the content, or you’re super busy so would just prefer to be able to send the schools’ enquiries across to a video partner who you trust, we can find a way of working which suits you.

And it’s not just school promotional videos we can help with. We’ve also worked with Academy Trusts to produce in-house training content, onboarding videos, and conference filming.

Social media videos for schools

While it’s great to have a promotional video on your website as a first introduction to the school, many schools now get their best engagement with parents through social media platforms such as Facebook.

And you can use that strong school-parent relationship to your advantage when trying to boost pupil numbers. Parents will be speaking to other parents about what your school is like. If they really like you, they’re more likely to give an enthusiastic recommendation.

If you create engaging, high quality videos featuring your pupils, the parents are going to love and share those videos, which means more prospective parents will see them.

These videos need to be more concise for the shorter attention spans of social media. Here’s an example of one of ten social media videos which we produced for Grange Primary School in Shrewsbury.

Videos for teacher recruitment

You don’t need me to be telling you that teacher recruitment, and retainment, is really tough at the moment.

Qualified teachers – especially the really good ones! – have got a huge wealth of jobs and schools available to them. To get the best staff, you’ve got to convey why you’re the right pick for them.

That’s one of the main reasons why the Marches Academy Trust wanted their annual trust conference filming – so they could show the effort they put in to upskilling their staff and providing regular training opportunities.

Teacher testimonial videos are another fantastic option. Potential recruits are far more likely to trust fellow teachers talking about their experiences, than they are a headteacher saying the same thing (no offence!).

What’s actually involved with producing a school promotional video? Take a deep dive into one of our recent projects.

We totally understand that it’s probably a bit daunting bringing a video production company into your school – especially if you’re putting yourself up to be interviewed! Get a behind the scenes look at the full process.

Don’t just take it from us

Hannah recently supported us with the creation of a promotional video for Grange Primary School.

Her approach to the project was nothing short of impressive. She took the time to thoroughly understand our vision and goals for the promotional video, ensuring that every aspect aligned seamlessly with Grange Primary School’s values and ethos. Her ability to translate our ideas into a compelling narrative was truly commendable.

Hannah brought a level of creativity and energy to the project that elevated the final result beyond our expectations. The promotional video and social media clips she produced have become invaluable assets in promoting Grange Primary School to a wider audience.

Hayley Alldridge, Marches Academy Trust

Hannah is a true professional and also extremely warm and approachable.

She is adept at putting everyone at ease and getting the very best footage.

We have been thrilled with the videos she has produced for us and they captured all the key messages we wanted to share with our viewers.

We have used a variety of videographers in the past and now would not go anywhere else and highly recommend Hannah.

Cavelle Priestley-Bird, Alliance of Leading Learning