Offer a valuable suite of training videos to your clients and create a long-term revenue stream for your business

Training videos and online courses are fantastic ways of capturing and capitalising on the value that you provide your customers.

Whether it’s a one-off virtual tutorial, 10-session course package, or material to support ongoing online learning, training videos really elevate the products that you’re offering clients.

Training videos and online courses allow you to create a product that has long-term value. Why spend time imparting knowledge to a single client or group when you can capture it on film and continue to charge for your expertise?

A training video is also a brilliant way to show off your expertise and drive engagement. Say you were to create a 5 session package on invaluable online training videos; if you were to offer the first as a “freebie”, it could help convert browsers into buyers.


Add value to your business and offer your clients better access to your expertise with training videos.

Earn passive income with online learning and training videos

VideoHQ doesn’t just film, edit and produce your online training videos, we can also:

  • Help you design, plan and produce a training course from scratch
  • Produce promotional videos to recruit more buyers/subscribers to your course
  • Edit and adapt an online webinar so it’s accessible for future audiences
  • Create branded educational videos to add to training portals and presentations
  • Develop video material for the course content itself, such as graphics, case studies, or how-tos
  • Edit and brand course content other trainers have filmed

Interested in creating a training video for your business?

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Don’t just take it from us

“I hired VideoHQ to record a 3-day training course I was promoting.

People had paid for the recordings and as such, these recordings needed to be perfect or I would have to refund everyone.

VideoHQ uses some of the best equipment around but much more than this, they’re able to capture crips sound and the best angles.

[We worked with Hannah Quinn of VideoHQ], who was always on time, professional and you honestly wouldn’t have known she was there.

I recommend VideoHQ for anyone looking for videos for their business. Needless to say, the videos have provided a great deal of income for me and I am extremely happy with the results”

Andrew Holland, Zoogly Media

Looking to use videos to market your in-person training course, and get more people to sign up to sessions?