If you’re looking to get more attendees signed up to your training session, then here’s some different types of videos which will supercharge your marketing

When I look at the websites of training providers, there’s one marketing video style which dominates: the course promotional video.

Now I’m not knocking these – they can be a really effective way to quickly get across to people the content of the course, and why it would be beneficial for them.

But I do think many training providers are sleeping on some other really awesome types of videos.

And the best part of the videos in this list? They can all really easily be filmed during the same filming session, and I’ll explain how at the end…

Testimonial videos from previous clients

Testimonial or case study videos are filmed interviews with current/previous clients, with them talking about how amazing you are.

Have you ever tried a new cafe based on a friend raving about the food? It’s the same concept here.

The beauty with testimonial videos though, compared to say google reviews, is that you’re really in control of the messaging.

We meet with you beforehand to discuss all the points you want your client to mention – perhaps you did really well to fit them onto a course at the last minute.

While in a google review they might not have mentioned that, because we’re interviewing them, we can add a question in about it and make sure it’s discussed.

VideoHQ is run by former BBC journalist Hannah Quinn, so interview situations like this is where we really excel. We can get the client feeling comfortable and relaxed (most of the people we interview have never been on camera before), and we can phrase the questions to get them to say what we need to for the video to be super effective.

This content can be used in full length case study videos for the website and blog posts, as well as cut up into clips for those shorter attention spans on social media.

Promotional videos

Promo videos are your hero content; the one video you want a prospect to see to help them understand why they need to book onto your training course.

A lot of training providers seem to make promo videos which just lay out the course content, but honestly I think that’s the wrong approach. You could just as easily do that in a series of bullet points on the course page.

Instead, training course promo videos need to discuss:

  • Who the course is for
  • What problems it solves
  • What are the benefits of being on that course
  • Why people should book with you, rather then any other training providers that run this course

And then to finish it all off, it can include clips from the testimonial interviews as well.

You can see how this is so much more persuasive than just listing the course content!

Image shows a camera monitor recording an LGBT conference at the Montgomery Waters Meadow stadium in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

About us video

The trick with an about us video is to, well, not make it too much about you.

I know it seems contradictory, but most clients don’t really care how many years you’ve been in the business, or what qualifications you have.

What they do care about though, is how you use your experience and expertise to help them.

This is a great chance to position yourself as the guide and the expert, who can really help them to solve the problems they’re having.

This video is usually made up of professionally filmed interviews with staff and trainers, as well as footage from a training session or two.

How these videos work together for training providers

I mentioned at the start that these videos can all be filmed in the same session. To illustrate how, I’ll lay out an example filming schedule.

  1. Filming with members of staff. These interviews form the basis of the promotional video, and the about us video.
  2. Interview the trainer running the session, for the promo video.
  3. Film the training session you’re promoting. The cutaways of the session in action can be used in all three videos.
  4. After the session, get testimonial interviews from attendees.

From one filming session, you then have a full suite of videos to use on your website, your social media, and to send directly to prospects who are on the fence about booking a training session.

Want to find out more about how videos could help your company? I offer a free 30 minute video marketing review, where we can look at your current marketing activities, and see how video could solve some of the problems you might be experiencing with your sales process.