Testimonial videos are like supercharged 5* google reviews… but how do you convince a client to go through the hassle of filming?

Why a video case study is powerful

A video case study is a really relatable piece of content for potential clients to watch, which help to inspire trust in your business / service.

Think of it this way: your client starting working with you because they were suffering a specific set of problems. For example, perhaps you’re a recruitment agency, and your client was having a hard time finding quality candidates for the roles they were advertising.

Your potential client, who is watching the case study video about the work you did, is currently suffering those exact same problems.

So having a video all about how your service will solve all those problems is really relatable and inspiring.

And the best part is, they trust that you’ll fix their issues, because they’re hearing directly from someone that you’ve helped.

Why sometimes people say no to doing a video case study

Of course, often the trickiest part of getting a video case study, is finding a client who is happy to do one for you, that you think will be good on camera.

Usually, there’s three main reasons why a client would say no.

  1. They didn’t like your service enough to recommend you (unlikely since you think they’d give you a recommendation!)
  2. They don’t want to be in front of camera.
  3. They’re too busy, or they think it will take too long.

How you get a client to agree to a video case study

So how do you counteract those issues?

If you think they didn’t like your service enough, well, there’s not a whole heap you can do about that and its probably worth moving on to another client.

With being in front of camera, my experience is that a lot of people don’t like being in front of camera promoting their business – but they feel more comfortable promoting yours as there isn’t as much pressure on saying something wrong.

And for another solution to that, and the answer to point number three, read on…

How we film a video case study

At VideoHQ, when we came up with a filming plan for a video case study, we realised that two of the biggest stumbling blocks for people was that their clients are too busy, or they’re not comfortable being on camera.

That’s why when we shoot, we make sure:

  • There’s no script for the client to learn. We chat to you beforehand about what you’d like your client to mention, and then devise questions which will get them to talk about those things. As well as making the content really effective, this also means your client doesn’t have to spend ages preparing for the filming session.
  • We’re really quick with the filming. The client can leave us to set up for about 45 minutes, and then after that we just need 30 minutes to an hour of their time to do the interview. Once we’re done, they can get back to work while we pack away.
  • We make the interview feel more like a conversation. Your client looks at us rather than the camera, as we ask questions about the service they received. This is much easier for people who aren’t comfortable being on camera, and also makes them look and sound really natural and relaxed.

Interested in working with VideoHQ to gather some client video testimonials? We’re happy working on a one off basis, or also offer a retainer if you want to shout about the results you get for your clients on a more regular basis.

On the retainer, we even offer an option where the content is also written up into a case study blog by a professional copywriter, with everything neatly uploaded onto your website by a fab web designer. You don’t even need to lift a finger!