Create engaging, shareable content that appeals to both your clients and social media’s algorithms

Engage, intrigue and convert your clients with videos designed to get people to press “play” (and forget to hit “pause”).

Whatever social media platform you’re scrolling on, video is fast becoming every algorithm’s number one priority.

Social media videos are your opportunity to reach out and connect with clients in the online spaces where they spend the most time. Viewers are fickle, and it takes something special to capture their attention.

The secret is to add value to their lives. VideoHQ produces content that’s useful, interesting, and worth watching – otherwise, it’s not worth producing! By the time your audience needs your services, you’ll be at the top of their mental pile.

Videos for social media marketing

What’s better than a one-off video that adds value to your client’s experience? A steady stream of relevant, high-quality content.

Regular video production helps to grow your online presence. From “here’s how we help you” intro videos to mini case studies spotlighting very happy customers, videos are ideal for reaching the top of everyone’s feed.

Your VideoHQ social media video service includes three unique pieces of content suitable for immediate upload to your various platforms. Ideal for plotting a month’s worth of marketing material, we can also create video content for longer-term or rolling social media projects.

Let’s talk about creating your fundraising video.

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Don’t just take it from us

I knew I wanted a video for my website and social media channels but didn’t really know how to turn the assortment of rough clips I had into something publishable that would promote one of our products.

VideoHQ gave me lots of invaluable advice, including things I would not have thought of like subtitles for people watching with their sound off and end boards to put our branding on the film.

They also advised on the selection of clips and how to edit them to produce an eye-catching film, of the right length. And, of course, they did all the work!

It was a no brainer for me to get an expert rather than trying to teach myself. So I would warmly recommend VideoHQ and was certainly happy with the response I got to the video.

Lesley Harris, Venture Uganda

Whether you’ve got a brief in mind or the beginnings of a good idea, get in touch to discuss your project.