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Elevate your video with a professional post-production editing service.

Not sure you’re ready for a professionally produced video for your business or organisation? Or perhaps you want to have a go behind the camera?

Our Video Upgrade Package allows you to create consistent, quality video content without commissioning a full shoot. Just grab your phone, hit record, and send your footage to the VideoHQ editing studio.

We’ll transform your few minutes of film into a sleek, viewer-friendly piece of content that’s ready to engage your online audience.

How does the Video Upgrade Package work?

With a professional post-production editing service, even the most simple 60 seconds of selfie-style video can get the pro studio treatment. Here’s how it works:

  1. You send your footage to the VideoHQ studio.
  2. The VideoHQ team transform it into a professionally produced piece of video marketing, including:
    • editing
    • fixing colour grading
    • boosting sound quality
    • adding subtitles (a must for any social media content)
    • adding music
    • branding the piece video with endboards
  3. You receive your final video, ready to share with your audience.

Every tier of our Video Upgrade Package offers the same quality of video post-production – all you need to decide is how many videos you’d like to share with your customers each month.

Choose which package works for your business


  • A new piece of video content every month
  • Includes a thumbnail image so you can share your video like a pro.


  • A new piece of video content every fortnight
  • Includes a thumbnail image so you can share your video like a pro.


  • A new piece of video content every week
  • Includes a thumbnail image so you can share your video like a pro.

Elevate your video marketing strategy

The best way to grow your online presence is to post high-quality, engaging content regularly.

But it can be tough to get started filming your own footage or generating new ideas for great content.

Check out our VideoHQ add-ons; four fantastic bonus services that make growing your online presence an absolute breeze.

Video Package Addons

Social media Graphics

Promote your videos in a different format with infographics and video release date images.

Home filming power-hour

Arrange a virtual tour of your house or office and Video HQ will tell you where is best to film.

Video Planning Sessions

Spend an hour chatting to us about your content plans, and we’ll storyboard your videos and send you a shot list.

Blog posts

Make the most of your video content by turning them into blog posts. Boost your site rankings and engage a whole new audience.

Book to receive complimentary video marketing review

Book a consultation call to explore your video needs. Includes a review of one of your existing videos and a one-month video marketing plan – absolutely free!

Don’t just take it from us

As a business coach, I understand the power of using videos to showcase your expertise and your personality, but I’d always stop at the thought of all the ‘techy’ stuff needed to edit and upload them.

When I saw Hannah from VideoHQ was offering a service to take videos recorded on my phone and edit and polish them into something professional-looking, I saw my opportunity!

I recorded a series of short videos on my iPhone, which was super simple and quick for me to do, then sent them to Hannah to work her magic.

They arrived back to me with branded titles, subtitles, a nice little end animation with my call to action, and thumbnail images to use when I uploaded them (thank goodness for the thumbnails as the different platforms choose a random dodgy looking selection!).

Hannah also provided clear instructions on what I needed to upload on which platform, as they all seem to like videos in slightly different formats.

Overall, I am so impressed at the end result, taking my ‘rough and ready’ initial videos and turning them into something that looks like it could have been filmed professionally, and consistent with my branding.

I’ve had a great response to the videos, showing me that lots of people now prefer to digest information this way rather than just a written format, and best of all, I can keep re-using them.

If you’re thinking about using videos in your marketing, or any area of your business, but keep putting it off, I strongly recommend booking in a call with Hannah to see how she can support you to get your videos done.

Alison Bradford

Whether you’ve got a brief in mind or the beginnings of a good idea, get in touch to discuss your project.