Get a brilliant video today and subscribe to store your professionally shot footage for tomorrow’s content

A video solution that’s ideal for those who want flexibility, convenience and value.

A promotional video or mini-documentary is a brilliant way to introduce potential clients to your business. It’s engaging, easy to share or like on social media (generating new leads), and elevates your brand.

But there are two big challenges when it comes to deciding on a video marketing strategy:

  1. What if you don’t know what kind of video content you’ll want in the future?
  2. What if you don’t want to pay every time you need a new video producing?

The VideoHQ Stockpile package solves both of these issues for your business.

Your flexible, long-term video marketing strategy

During any video production, there’s a lot of footage that never makes the cut.

You can record a 60-minute interview and only use 2 minutes of footage in the final cut. But that doesn’t mean that those 58 other minutes of footage aren’t valuable to your business.

With the Stockpile Video Package, you can ensure that footage doesn’t go to waste. We save every minute of footage, ready to create fresh, new videos for you in the future for a fraction of the price of a full shoot.

Need a new video? 

We use your stockpile footage to create an awesome video for a fraction of the cost of a full shoot!

How does the Video Stockpile Package work?

  • When you sign up to be a Stockpile Video Package member, VideoHQ arranges a filming session where we film as much great quality content as we can.
  • Using this footage, we produce a fantastic promotional video or mini-documentary for your business.
  • The rest of your footage is kept safe on our secure server for a small, annual storage fee.
  • Any time you want to create a video, we use your stockpile of footage to answer your brief in a lightning-fast, ten working day turnaround.

You’re never more than a fortnight away from your next professionally shot, edited and produced video.

As a Stockpile Video Package member, you also receive VideoHQ’s premium subscriber content. This includes exclusive educational videos, video planning templates, and much more.

  • Filming and producing your premium video

    VideoHQ completes a full filming session to record as much great quality content as possible. The footage is used to produce an engaging promotional video that’s ready for you to upload, share, and benefit from immediately.

    Cost £1450

  • Storing your footage

    VideoHQ store your hours of footage on a massive, secure server. The footage is ready to access and adapt into additional video content at any time.

    £50 (annual storage fee)

  • Creating new video content anytime

    VideoHQ can produce, edit and deliver new video content from your stockpile of footage at any time. Completed in a ten-day working day turnaround, you’ll receive a high-quality, professionally created video that would otherwise cost WAY more.

    £200 (per video)

Book to receive complimentary video marketing review

Book a consultation call to explore your video needs. Includes a review of one of your existing videos and a one-month video marketing plan – absolutely free!

Don’t just take it from us

“I was passed VideoHQ’s contact details via a work colleague. We wanted a videographer to capture the community ethos of our football club that has moved into its hometown after six years of playing out of the area.

VideoHQ’s Hannah Quinn came up with a solid-looking brief based on some loose ideas that we had. We arranged two filming days and it was a pleasure getting to know Hannah as she took on this project.

The end result was quite simply… fantastic. The spirit, character and approachability of our club were all captured perfectly. Hannah is now a friend of the club and our volunteers and we will certainly be looking to work together again going forwards.”

Ashley Dobell, 1874 Northwich

Whether you’ve got a brief in mind or the beginnings of a good idea, get in touch to discuss your project.