Getting started using videos in your marketing

If you’re in the early stages of producing video content for your business, or it’s something that you’re looking at starting – it can be a daunting prospect.

There’s a million online articles about making website and social media videos for your business, and somehow, they all seem to have conflicting advice.

TikTok is the place to be! No, use Linkedin! Keep your videos under ten seconds! If your content isn’t over three minutes long it’s useless!

The truth of it is, what you should be posting online, and where, all depends on what your business is, and what your target market is.

That’s why at VideoHQ, we don’t offer ‘one size fits all’ advice.

Instead, you can book in a free thirty minute video marketing review, which offers bespoke advice from a UK-based professional videographer instead.

VideoHQ filming website videos with Stoke on Trent business ultraclean canines in Weston Coyney

What you get from the consultation:

  • A month’s video marketing plan, containing details about four types of video which would work brilliantly for your business
  • An idea for a ‘hero’ piece of content, which is one video that you’d see serious results from by getting it made professionally
  • A review of one video you’ve made already (even if it never saw the light of day!)
  • Advice on the best platforms for you to be using