Boost your website hits and improve your business processes by producing engaging content which is based on the questions clients ask you

I don’t know about you, but I find that one of the hardest things about regularly generating website and social media content for your business is coming up with the content ideas in the first place.

I’ve got my own method for scheduling content and triggering ideas – and one of my favourite techniques is using the conversations I have with my clients for inspiration.



Why this content is great for SEO

Let’s use an example. Recently I was preparing for a training video filming shoot for a client, and during the pre-production meeting they asked ‘what should I wear for this filming session – is there anything that looks awful on camera?’

And this was an excellent question! I gave them the answer, but then I also wrote a blog about that question.

Because if they were asking that question, chances are, there’s other business owners like them who want to know the answer too.

And if they’re not currently working with a professional videographer, then they’re probably typing the question into google.

If you make the question the title of the blog, it’s got a really good chance of being picked up by a search engine in this situation.


How this content helps your business processes 

But this content isn’t just great for helping potential customers to find your website – it also helps to improve the experience for current client you’re working with.

Another blog that I’ve written based on client questions is this one: ‘How to effectively upload your business videos online’.

Pretty much every time I delivered a video, I was getting asked by the client how best to upload it to a specific platform, such as YouTube or Facebook.

And again, great question, because each site likes it done a slightly different way – especially once you factor in having separate files for subtitles and thumbnails!

But writing this out for each client took so much time.

So I wrote a blog with all the instructions for each specific platform.

The client is getting a great experience. I’ve pre-empted a question they were probably going to ask, and they’ve got all the information they need.

And for me, I just click copy and paste on a blog link, rather than having to type it all out fresh.

This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever written. Not for how many people it brings to my website – but for how much time it saves me.

So the next time you’re working with a client and they ask a great question, make sure you write it down. Then consider if turning it into a blog or video content will help to bring in new clients, or save you time when working with your current ones.


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