Here are five questions to help you decide which of your customers would give a powerful video testimonial

If you’re going to the effort of getting a video testimonial produced for your business (and why wouldn’t you, they’re really effective), then you might as well spend a moment picking the right client for the job.

While all of your clients would have something positive to say, certain people are likely to chime better with your potential customers, and be able to get their thoughts across in a more engaging way.

Here’s five things to consider when looking through your client list.


Who have you worked with recently?

You want to pick a customer who still has your work fresh in their memory. 

This is mainly because they’ll have way more to say about it – they’ll still remember all of the minor details.

There’s no hard and fast rule on timings I’m afraid.

If it was a one-time job, or your service is over and done with pretty quick, then you don’t want it to be longer ago than a couple of months.

But if you worked with them for a long term project and/or have a solid relationship with them, it doesn’t matter if the work was a bit longer ago.

But sorting your client list by ‘most recent’ is a good place to start.



Choose someone who is relatable

One of the best things about customer video testimonials is that they’re super relatable pieces of content – potential buyers are seeing your service from their own point of view.

So have a think about THE most common problem people come to you looking for them to solve.

Which customers have you helped who also experienced that specific problem?

If you can get them on camera explaining how you fixed their situation, then potential customers with that problem will know you can help them out too.


What kind of work do you want to do more of?

Here’s a cool one – video testimonials make you look like an expert in a specific field, even if it was the first time you ever worked with that industry.

If you’re an engineering firm, and you land on a business coaches website and they’ve got a video showcasing the great work they’ve done for an engineering firm – it looks like that’s their are of expertise.

So if your work has you dealing with a few different industries / audiences, but there’s a specific one you want to niche down into, then get a video testimonial done with a customer from that industry.

Another great option is your biggest ever client. If you want more work with larger businesses, this video testimonial would be great proof to them that you cut the mustard.


Pick someone who you really impressed

There’s clients who are happy with the service you provided – and then there are clients who rave about it.

The latter probably go round recommending you to other people, and singing your praises – and you really want to get this authentic recommendation on camera.

Plus, people who you REALLY impressed are far more likely to want to help you out by giving a video testimonial.

How do you know who loves your work?

Has anyone left you a google review recently? Given you a social media shout out? Or were even just super enthused on email when you sent over the finished product?

Chances are they’d give a good video testimonial.


Some people are naturally good talkers

Okay so we’ve gone over which clients are good for a video testimonial from a content point of view. But now let’s address the elephant in the room.

Some people come across better on camera than others.

It’s something we fully embraced when I worked in BBC local radio. If you had two experts on a subject, but one was a ‘better talker’ than the other, you’d ring them first to see if they were free.

Equally with video case studies, you want to pick someone who is going to engage your potential customers.

So what makes a good talker?

You’ll naturally have a feel for this yourself, as you’ll know who you enjoy talking to. But here are some things to look out for:

  • They can get their thoughts across succinctly, without waffling
  • They generally complete their train of thought, and don’t go off on a tangent all the time
  • They don’t pause/err loads in conversation (a bit of this is natural though)
  • They have a natural confidence in what they have to say

You don’t need someone who is charisma-central and media trained, it’s basically just someone who is confident and relaxed. These things tend to come across best on camera (although we’re used to working with people who’ve never been filmed before).


Read all this and think you’ve got the perfect candidate for a video case study? Read this guide on how to ask them to be involved.

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