Global mega brand Google bases its latest ad campaign on customer video case studies – here’s why you should consider doing the same

Here’s one of Google’s latest TV / Youtube adverts:

There’s loads more like it, each ad highlighting a different feature of their new phones.

They can jazz it up with jaunty music, crisp backgrounds and fast edits all they like – but there’s no hiding the fact that at its heart, their latest ad campaign is just a series of video testimonials.


Why these video testimonials work so well for Google

I say ‘just’ with no shade whatsoever – we all know I’m a HUGE fan of video testimonials. It’s what VideoHQ specialises in!

To make these work really well, they’ve brought in a group of their phone users, and got them to give personal, relatable stories about why they like a specific feature – in this case a photo background remover.

And relatable is the key word here: they want people watching the video to remember a time they wanted to remove part of the image of a photo.

By making it a relatable experience for the viewer, they’re more likely to see the value in having this phone that everyone else finds so useful.


How this video case study approach can work for your business

You don’t have to be Google to get value from video case studies.

Whether it’s a physical product like a phone, or a service which you provide, testimonials are a great way to promote your business in an engaging way which centres your customers’ experience.

If you’ve got happy clients who are recommending you to other people, then getting them on camera to do a video testimonial is a great way for potential to hear that recommendation.

And getting them on camera doesn’t have to be hard – check out my guide on how to get a client to do a video case study.

But if you are struggling with any of the technicals and logistics, feel free to get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you out.