No video camera is a one size fits all solution: they’re all good for different things. That’s why over the years at VideoHQ, I’ve invested in three different cameras which help me to tell the stories of business owners in a variety of ways.

Canon C70



This is the newest video camera to my line up, and by far the most impressive one! It’s a 4K camera which captures the most beautiful image imaginable. It’s perfect for weddings, and is my main camera when shooting interviews and testimonials. It’s also capable of really incredible slow motion footage, which again is great for weddings (think the sparkler or confetti moments!) and also for sport videography. It packs a lot into a small camera, and its inconspicuous size makes it ideal when out shooting in public and you don’t want to attract a lot of attention.


Canon C100 Mark II

This is the most reliable camera EVER. It’s an absolute workhorse, and the number one camera you know will just keep recording whatever you throw at it. It’s perfect for filming longer form content like training and events, as despite the gorgeous image the file sizes are tiny, so you don’t have to worry about running out of SD cards on a long shoot. I also use it as my second camera on interviews and testimonials, as the image matches brilliantly to my Canon C70.

It’s also the one I use to shoot with outdoors on a really sunny day – that’s because it has an EVF, which you can use when it’s too bright to see the screen on my other cameras.


Canon 5D Mark III


This was my first ever professional camera, and what I used to establish VideoHQ – it will always hold a really special place in my heart! It’s a hybrid camera, meaning it’s great for photos and videos. Although I wouldn’t class myself as a photographer (I can recommend some great photographers if you need one), I always bring this camera on a shoot so you’ve got some really high quality stills to use for the thumbnail image of for social media. 

This is also the smallest of my cameras, which means its the one I use for my gimbal work to get those buttery smooth establishing shots which normally go at the start of a video.


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