Hannah Quinn from VideoHQ is based in Staffordshire, with over five years of experience producing high-quality video content

Hey! If you’ve got a video shoot coming up in the Midlands and need to add a video producer to your crew, then you’ve come to right place.

At VideoHQ, I specialise in producing narrative focussed, interview led content. With experience across all aspects of the video production process, I could fill a variety of roles in your crew.


My video production experience

I set up VideoHQ in 2017 after completing a journalism degree at the University of Winchester.

Since then, I’ve completed a range of video projects for businesses, charities and organisations; and particularly specialise in producing case study and testimonial videos for businesses.

I primarily work as a solo videographer, and edit my own projects on Final Cup Pro, so I’m well versed with all aspects of the production process.

I also freelanced as a journalist/radio producer with the BBC for six years, and regularly use these interview skills when working with clients.


Video cameras I shoot with

My main camera is the Canon C70, which I think is a phenomenal camera for a solo operator.

My B-Cam is a Canon C100 Mark II.

I could bring both / either of these cameras with me to a shoot, subject to an additional cost.



Audio gear I use on set

As a solo videographer, I mostly prefer to use cavalier microphones, and have a range of microphones and recorders to suit different applications.

My most used mic is the Tentacle Sync Track-E, and I also own two Sync E units to attach to my cameras so all the video and audio has accurate timecode.

For run-and-gun scenarios like event coverage, I tend to use the DJI Wireless Mics, as the magnets and clip on microphones make mic’ing up guests on the fly super easy – plus the internal recording is a lifesaver in case wireless signal drops out.

I also have a Zoom F2 which I use when I have to record audio from more than three subjects, for example with a panel discussion. The 32-bit float audio means you can just set it to record and not worry about the audio levels.

Finally, I have a Zoom H6 audio recorder for more complicated audio mixes.


My lighting kit

I have two Godox ML60 Bi lights with stands and soft boxes, which I use in conjunction with another LED light for a high quality three point interview lighting kit.

I also use a Aperture MC as a small on camera video light.


Interested in hiring me for a video shoot you’ve got coming up? Get in touch to see if I’m available on your required dates.