Not wanting to be tarred by the brush of the recruitment industry, Stoke-on-Trent business chooses to produce testimonial videos


If you work in an industry with a  bad reputation, then you’ll know the problems Staffordshire recruitment agency Logic Resourcing were having.

It can be hard to get potential customers to trust that you’re going to do a good job, especially if they’ve had a poor experience with one of your competitors.

The oft cited reputation of recruitment agencies is that they’re just trying to get as many candidates through to interview as possible so they can get their money when one is hired.

But Logic Resourcing are different. They genuinely care about the quality of candidates turning up for interview, and they’re not going to send someone who they don’t think would be a great fit for your business.

Their 100+ 5* Google reviews tell you that – but they guys at Logic wanted their potential customers to be able to put a voice and face to the recommendations.


Video case studies: an authentic, personal recommendation 

VideoHQ were brought in by Logic Resourcing to film a series of case studies so they wouldn’t have to work as hard trying to convince people that they’re different from the rest.

We sat down and chatted about the clients VideoHQ would be interviewing, making sure to highlight specific key points Logic wanted them to talk about.

For example with Eric Gresswell at Popcorn Learning Media, they have a really strong set of culture and values for their staff, and Logic spent a lot of time getting to know candidates to ensure they were suggesting people who fitted the bill.

After the brief from Logic, I spoke to the interviewees over the phone and talked to them about the service Logic offered from their point of view – you never know exactly how your client found the service, and you can unearth some real nuggets this way.

I then condensed these chats into a series of questions to ask on the filming day. There’s no script for them to learn, and the conversation style of the interview means there’s no pressure.


Clips that slot into the website

These interviews were made into a full version of the case study video for the website, around two and a half to three and a half minutes duration. These sit on Logic’s homepage, and also on a specific ‘testimonials’ page on the website, which also highlights their amazing Google reviews.

But with VideoHQ case studies, you also get three short clips which can be used on social media or blogs to highlight specific points that your client made (and to beat those pesky short social media attention spans!)

For Logic, these clips were really useful for their website, which was being updated by the excellent Tuk Tuk Creative Marketing at the time of producing the videos.

For example, on the ‘our process’ section of the website, each point of their three step process is backed up by a short video from one of their clients talking about that part of the customer journey – which really increases trust in what you’re saying.

Logic Resourcing’s Lee and Steve are always saying that they let their clients do the talking when saying how they do things differently to the rest of the industry – and by producing this set of video case studies, they’re really doing just that.

Interested in learning more about how case studies can help you to earn the trust of your future clients? Book in a free 30 minute consultation with me and we can have a natter.