Project Description

Staffordshire roofing company dispels industry myths with promotional video

For Julie Mirowski, the director of Newcastle-under-Lyme roofing company Rydale Roofing, one of the biggest problems they face is getting potential clients to trust them.

“I think roofing is a bit of a Cinderella trade. People don’t trust roofers for some reason.

If they’re hiring a roofer, they always feel like they’re about to get ripped off”.

Therefore, one of the main reasons they wanted a promotional video was to help inspire trust. This played into a number of the production choices during the process; such as choice to headline at the start; and also gathering testimonials for the video.

What was the filming process like?

Julie and I decided it’d be best if I interviewed her on site at one of their projects, so people could trust her as the face of the business, and see the lads working for themselves.

In fact, the biggest issue we faced was getting the right weather for the filming – you can’t go on a roof in the rain, and while we were trying to find a good date, it just kept raining!

Fortunately at VideoHQ, we pride ourselves in our flexibility with our clients. As much as it’s a pain to keep rearrange filming dates at short notice, we want to make sure everything was perfect for the shoot. And I’ll think you’ll agree watching the video – the sunny day was worth waiting for!

After that, it was a case of turning up to site in Chesterton, donning high vis and a hard hat, and getting up on the scaffolding. With a promotional video like this, it’s important to get up close with the work being done – you want to see the action. 

For the interview, I spoke to Julie about the messaging she wanted to get across, and again it came back to inspiring trust. I asked questions about how long they’d been in the game, what customers liked about their work, and also the charity work they do in the Newcastle-under-Lyme community.

What was the editing process like?

A lot of fun!

I started out with the interview with Julie, as I used this to drive the narrative. 

Individual shots of the lads working overlaid the interview, so you could see what she was describing – for example watching the lads sweeping up debris with a broom as she talks about how they always leave sites looking neat and tidy.

While editing the video, I felt like it needed something else to inspire trust – so I looked at their five star reviews on Google, and used some of these in the video to show how much their customers enjoy working with them.

Where has the promotional video been used?

The promotional video sits on their website homepage as one of the first things people see when they land on the site.

This is great, because the promotional video succinctly explains who Rydale Roofing are, what services offer, and why you should trust them.

Julie also has quite a following on social media, as a local charity trustee and figure in the Newcastle-under-Lyme community, so she shared this video to her personal Linkedin profile, to get more of an audience for the video.