Project Description

Stoke-on-Trent recruitment agency shrugs off bad industry reputation with testimonial videos 

Logic Resourcing are based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire; and they know all too well that people don’t tend to like recruiters.

In fact, their podcast is called ‘Nobody Likes Recruiters’ – sometimes you’ve just got to own it!

Before they set up Logic Resourcing, they both worked in internal recruitment, and met their fair share of agencies that just churned through poor quality candidates.

So when they established the business, they decided to do things differently. But even so, quite often people still assume they’re going to be untrustworthy, because they work in recruitment.

That’s why they worked with VideoHQ to produce a series of case study and testimonial videos; so that people would see the amazing service they’d offered to those clients, and realise they’re a cut above the rest of the industry.

What was the pre-production process like?

The beauty of case study video interviews is that, while you can’t put words into their mouth, you can steer them to the topics you want them to highlight.

Therefore, the first step of any case study videos is a chat with my client, about what they want their client to talk about.

For example: Lee from Logic knew that he’d worked really hard to find clients that would fit the unique culture at Popcorn Learning Media. He mentioned this to me, so that when I interviewed Eric Gresswell, I was able to ask: ‘did the candidates Lee put forward fit into the culture’.

Of course, Eric replied yes and raved about what a great job Lee did selecting candidates. He might not have brought this up on his own, so I always ask my client what parts of the service they would like the interviewee to highlight.

The second part of the pre-production process is a chat with the interviewee over the phone.

Many people have never been interviewed on camera before, so as much as anything else this is a chance to put them at ease so they’re familiar with how the filming will work on the day.

Of course, it’s also a chance to run through the questions I’ve drafted, so I can start getting a feel for their answers are, and what narrative the interview will follow.

You never know what the interviewee will say either – so at this point you often come up with some nuggets that would be great for them to say on camera too.

What was the filming process like?

My aim with my filming process for testimonial video and case study videos is to make it as easy as possible for the interviewee.

At the end of the day, they’re doing you a big favour. You don’t want to take up loads of time and make them do work!

I turned up at their businesses, armed with my high quality video production kit, and asked them to show me to where they’d like to film the interview.

I then spent about 45 minutes setting up my kit – but they don’t need to be there for that bit. Both Faye and Eric were able to use the time to answer some more emails!

The interview itself took a little under half an hour for each interview. There’s no script for them to remember; I ask questions which get the responses I need to pull the narrative together.

I did a little bit of filming at their businesses – showing the building and some people working, just to add a bit of extra interest to the video.

Eric from Popcorn Learning Media - footage captured during testimonial video filming

And on that matter, I also did a filming session at Logic Resourcing’s office as well, so that when the clients were raving about how good Lee and Steve are, you can see them in action.

What was the editing process like?

When editing case study and testimonial videos, I’m stitching together a 2-3 minute narrative, from about 20 minutes of interview footage.

Testimonial videos follow a similar script:

  1. Why you needed help; what problem in your business needed solving
  2. What help did you get
  3. How has it improved your business 

It’s a pretty classic story structure, and it works pretty well for showing how your product / service helps to solve problems!

Once that main case study video was crafted, I subtitled it and designed thumbnails.

I also took three short clips from each interview, which can be used separately on the website and social media to promote the full version of the video.

Reflecting on working with VideoHQ, Lee Quoroll from Logic Resourcing said…

“Hannah has supported us with a number of video projects including promotional videos and testimonials, all of which have been amazing.

She is friendly, knowledgeable and makes the whole process super easy, keeping you updated at every step.

We’ll be using Hannah for any upcoming video projects and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to grow their online presence through video content.”

Lee and Steve from Logic Resourcing - footage captured during case study video filming