Shrewsbury LGBT+ History Festival produces video looking back at last six years

The Shrewsbury LGBT+ History Festival has produced a video which reflects on its own history – featuring footage and audio from the last six years.

The organisation exists to celebrate local LGBT+ history from Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire; normally meeting together at an annual festival.

When you’re running an organisation looking at other people’s history, it can be easy to forget that you yourself are making history.

Plus, having your audience understand clearly your motivations, and why you do what you do, means they’re more likely to get on board and support your cause.

That’s why the group has produced this video; to compile years of work and document their own path.


Creating new footage – and improving yours

I’ve been working with the Shrewsbury LGBT+ History Festival since 2021, and they’ve been in existence since 2016.

So while I was able to use some of my own footage in this video, actually most of it has been created by previous contributors.

Most years they had a montage produced from the footage from that festival, and for these it was a case of fading the audio and video in and out in a way that you couldn’t tell they were separate videos.

However for one of the years, 2019, there hadn’t been a montage created at the time.

The festival organisers instead provided me with a hard drive of footage to look through, and from this I created them a new montage, so this year didn’t feel any different from the rest of them.



Subtitling – crucial for events and accessibility 

As part of this video, I made sure it was fully subtitled. 

This was for two reasons. First, the video was due to be played at both the launch night and the wrap up of the 2022 festival, and from my experience, you can never trust the speaker quality at a location!

Fully subtitling the video means you don’t need to be able to hear it perfectly, as seeing the text on screen fills in the gaps.

And the second reason is accessibility – quite simply, it’s just the right thing to do to make sure deaf and hearing impaired people are able to access your content as easily as able bodied people.

These subtitles were produced in the brand font of the organisation, making it look more professional.

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