Project Description

Staffordshire doggie toothbrush supplier uses videos to speak directly to each of their target audiences

In marketing, you’re always told to define your target market and ensure your content appeals to them – but what if you have multiple demographics who buy your products?

That’s exactly the position that Emma Cartlich from Ultraclean Canines found herself in.

The Stoke-on-Trent business owner was having a new website created, but wanted each of her target clients to feel like they were being spoken to individually – rather than having to make the written copy generic.

Therefore, VideoHQ worked with Emma to create three videos (and a bonus video testimonial, you know I love them) which were each tailored to a specific demographic.

Canon C70 video camera filming dog toothbrush supplier sat on sofa with a dog


What was the pre-production process like?

We sat down with Emma for a meeting prior to organising filming, running through her target markets, and how best to represent these on video.

These are:

  • Dog groomers
  • Dog walkers
  • Kennels and home boarding

Each of these businesses can benefit from using the ultrasonic toothbrushes in their work, but they have slightly different use cases.

For example, a dog groomer would use the toothbrushes during a trim, whereas a walker would clean the dogs’ teeth after a walk.

We planned to spend the day travelling around Stoke-on-Trent enacting the different scenarios, so business owners could see and visualise how it could fit into their work.

And since one of Emma’s clients, a dog groomer called Amy, had kindly offered to let us film at her salon (is it still called a salon if it’s for dogs?), we arranged to interview her for a video testimonial at the same time.


What was the filming process like?

Three words. Best. Day. Ever.

I’m a big dog lover myself, so spending the day filming with the gorgeous pair Bella and Rufus didn’t exactly feel like work!

We started the morning off near one of the entrances to Hem Heath Woods in Barlaston, to run through how the toothbrushing can be done at the back of a van after you’ve walked the dogs.

A little stroll along the canal later to get some lovely footage to use in the dog walkers video, and then we were packing up and off to the groomers in Weston Coyney.

We started this filming off with recording the testimonial with Amy. By doing the interview first, you can get an idea of what extra illustrative footage would be good to film. For example, since she’d talked about the extra materials you get alongside the toothbrushes, I got a shot of those which could play while she was saying that.

Finally it was the turn of home boarding, so we popped over to Emma’s house to film the dogs relaxing in the home environment.

I was definitely buzzing after this shoot!

Image shows Canon C70 filming while interviewing business owner in Stoke-on-Trent


What was the editing process like?

All of the videos (except the testimonial) had been filmed piece to camera style, so the narrative of the videos had been set in advance.

So it primarily boiled down to colour grading, adding the right footage, and making the content punchy and concise.

But I also wanted to make sure the videos really matched the fun branding of the new website.

With their logo, the text is round, and the blue and green colours are really fun and poppy.

So the video couldn’t be generic, corporate and boring!

I sourced some music which felt playful, but not in a gimmicky or dominating way – the audience’s focus still stayed on Emma speaking.

And then I created some fun text animations, and added a sweeping bubble animation to them as well to get across the ‘clean’ aspect of the branding.

Overall, I’m really happy with how the videos match the style of the website and branding of Ultraclean Canines.


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