Project Description

Shropshire-based professional development group improves website with new video content

VideoHQ had worked with the Marches Academy Trust before to film a conference they were hosting – and after witnessing Hannah’s interview skills, related organisation the Alliance of Leading Learning (ALL) realised that some new promotional videos featuring some of the people on their teaching courses were on the cards – once they could get enough of them in one place.

That opportunity came in June 2022, when an Initial Teacher Training course (ITT) and National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) course were running at the Marches School in Oswestry, Shropshire; and a NPQH course was ongoing at Wychwood Park in Crewe, Cheshire.

The problem that Alliance of Leading Learning faced was that they had a number of different audiences for their videos. ITT courses are aimed at trainee teachers; NPQ’s are aimed at established teachers; and NPQH’s are aimed at school leaders. They even run courses for school governors, and health and safety training for businesses in the Shropshire area.

As such, they needed an in-depth promotional video for each of these audiences, as well as an overarching promotional video that covered all of the courses that they offer.

What was the filming process?

Over the course of the day, I filmed almost 20 interviews with course leaders, trainee teachers, future headteachers and more – at points it felt like interview speed dating!

The staff at ALL were able to leave me to it, just bringing me the next interviewee as soon as I’d finished chatting to the previous one.

I’m a trained journalist, with over six years of experience at the BBC, which means I have bags of interview experience. From crafting questions so the presenter could interview politicians, to speaking to punters on the street about their favourite places to visit in the county, I’m able to strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone at short notice – and crucially, ask the questions that get you the content you need.

And with hours worth of interview footage, as well as plenty of behind the scenes action from their training courses, I was able to produce five different promotional videos for their website.

What was the editing process like?

By capturing so many interviews, I had enough content that each video had cohesive messaging, but with different content.

Now, the Alliance of Leading Learning is able to have the main promotional video on their homepage, and a more specific promotional video on each of the individual pages.

That way, whatever page people land on after searching them on Google, they’re going to be able to watch a high quality promotional video which is relevant to their search.

Reflecting on working with VideoHQ, Cavelle Priestly-Bird from the Alliance of Leading Learning said…

“Hannah is a true professional and also extremely warm and approachable. She is adept at putting everyone at ease and getting the very best footage. 

We have been thrilled with the videos she has produced for us and they captured all the key messages we wanted to share with our viewers. 

We have used a variety of videographers in the past and now would not go anywhere else and highly recommend Hannah.”