Project Description

UK networking organisation celebrates the success of its members with an awards evening event video

NetworkIN UK holds an awards evening every year; which gives its members a chance to socialise outside of the groups, and also celebrates each others’ success.

In 2022, it was held at the Manor House Hotel in Alsager, Cheshire.

NetworkIN approached VideoHQ about filming an event video from the awards evening for three reasons:

  1. So people who weren’t able to attend could get a taste of the evening
  2. To make the winners feel appreciated
  3. To promote the event in the future

What was the filming process like?

I knew that the best lighting of the evening (and therefore the best looking footage) would be for the outdoor drinks reception. It was quite cloudy, which is great as no-one is squinting in the bright sunlight. Plus, the indoor lighting had quite a bit of flicker so I wanted to avoid that.

During this part of the evening, I was gathering as much behind the scenes footage as possible to use during the video, knowing it looked fantastic.

Footage from NetworkIN UK's awards night at Manro House Hotel

For the actual awards section of the evening, I needed to capture both the winners’ speeches, and also grab quick interviews with the winners afterwards, so I could ask questions which would fit the narrative of the event video.

This was a quick turnaround! They won, I grabbed them and took them over to the filming spot I’d set up, mic’d them up and hit record.

It was a lot of effort, but when you watch the video, you see how important it was to capture both the speeches and the interviews.

What was the editing process like?

The awards evening event video uses the winners’ speeches and interviews to craft a narrative, not just about the event, but about the broader value of being part of NetworkIN, and why it’s important to take the time to celebrate your success.

Therefore, I sifted through the footage to find the best quotes, and worked from there to link them together and create a natural flow to the video.

Once music and branded name boards were added, the final step was to add a credits reel with all of the winners on it, to give recognition and make all of the winners feel fully recognised.

The raw footage was then uploaded to VideoHQ’s secure server, so that it can be re-edited into a new video ahead of the next awards evening, to encourage people to buy tickets.