Project Description

Sandbach Cricket Club uses video to encourage community to invest in better facilities 

Sandbach Cricket Club is a sports team at the heart of its local community. Aside from the sport, they host disability discos; fireworks nights; and are a venue for parties.

But on the field, there was one thing really letting them down: the quality of their batting nets. The flooring was uneven, and there were loads of holes in the netting. 


Cheshire cricket club launches crowdfunding campaign

Therefore, the club asked the community for help raising the funds needed to replace them. VideoHQ produced the crowdfunder campaign video encouraging people to donate.


What was the filming process like

There were three main points of view I needed to get across in this video: why the club needed the new nets; why the players wanted them; and why Sandbach CC is important to the local community.

As such, I arranged two different filming sessions so I could interview some young players, and film them using the nets; and then at the other filming session I interviewed the club chair and also Steve who ran the disability disco.

I actually first got into filmmaking when filming women’s football, so I feel right at home videoing sport content! I filmed a variety of shots of the nets in use, know they’d be useful to show during the interviews.

Photo of Finn, a Sandbach Cricket Club player

For the main interview with Paul, the club chair, I didn’t want it to be just a boring sit down interview. As such, I got him to walk around the pitch when talking to the camera, and I attached my camera to my gimbal so that the shot stayed smooth.

The only bit of the video which was scripted was Paul’s three sentence introduction, because we knew we needed to get the message of the campaign across very quickly.

After that, all of the interviews were conducted in questions and answer format, to help the interviewees come across naturally.


What was the editing process like

Videos with multiple interviewees are often a case of finding everyone’s best quotes, and using those quotes to craft a narrative. That was definitely the case here. 

Before I go and interview someone, I essentially know what I need them to say – just not the exact words they’ll use!

As such, before even filming, I’d drafted out a rough video structure, working out which campaign points it would be best to mention first.

Once I’d selected the quotes I wanted to use, I ordered them according to the storyboard – with the only difference being moving Steve higher up the running order as he was such a good talker.

After creating the full crowdfunder campaign video, I created a number of photos and clips which the social media team could use to maintain interest for the duration of the campaign.

The full video was used on the main crowdfunder campaign page.