On a cold and rainy evening of 2019, I filmed one of Crewe Alex’s matches, and there’s always a few things you prepare for with this kind of job.

The weather as I’ve mentioned obviously a big factor. You can’t let the camera shake, no matter how cold your hands get! But aside from that camera batteries don’t last as long in the cold, so you really have to pay attention.

Speaking of that, there’s also the concentration involved – ninety minutes of staying focussed, making sure you get the shot, the goals, the emotion.

But despite all the mental preparation beforehand, I definitely wasn’t ready for a spider crawling up my leg during the second half.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a big phobia of spiders. I’d never want to hurt one – but if they get anywhere near me I freak out.

So having one actually on me, crawling up my trouser leg? Not cool.

But I couldn’t show any emotion. There were a thousand rowdy Crewe fans behind me – and TV cameras ready to catch the moment a videographer freaked out during the match.

This was my ultimate test of staying calm under pressure. I flicked my leg, and watched it crawl away onto the advertisement hoardings behind me, where it stayed for the rest of the match.

You have to really be watching the game when you’re filming – but I’ll admit on this occasion I afforded a few glances behind me to make sure it hadn’t moved.

There’s always going to be things that happen on a shoot that you weren’t expecting – it’s all about dealing with what comes your way calmly… and making sure you don’t become the next viral moment on Twitter.